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One of the things that you’ll notice when walking into Pure Benefits is the tranquil environment that they have created for all of their clients to feel at peace when they walk in. What makes Pure Benefits stand out from other med spas is the personalized approach with every client that comes into their med spa and the attention to detail by your treatment professional. Make Pure Benefits the choice for all of your skin rejuvenation and body contouring needs.  

Our company was founded on the principle that you should look as good as you feel. You are beautiful on the inside and we want you to proudly show off your beauty. By offering simple, effective treatments, we can reinvigorate your body and help you feel more confident than ever in your skin. Whether you just want to look great for a night on the town or you want to flex your amazing looks on Instagram, we believe that everyone should feel amazing about how they look and feel.

Pure Benefits Aesthetics & Wellness is the newest med spa in Scottsdale, which was founded by Kay Jones and her children, Jonathan, and Kaitlin Jones. The Jones Family combined their passion for aesthetics and wellness as well as their experience with other med spas, to create this amazing med spa for people in Scottsdale and its surrounding areas. Through their experience, this family believes that that have offered their clients an incredible environment that promotes becoming the best version of yourself, both inside and out.

Our med spa offers a wide variety of treatments that help you achieve the look and feel that you have been dreaming of. From eye and neck treatments to body, our all-start team of medical practitioners can help you look the way that you feel. We also use only the best quality products, ensuring that our clients have only the best because they deserve the best.

We use products of the best brands only

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Co-Owner, General Manager

Kay Jones is an entrepreneur who had this vision of creating a family business with her children



Co-Owner, Fitness Nutrition Counselor

Jonathan Jones was formerly a collegiate athlete, who has a passion for helping other people achieve their fitness and weight.



Co-Owner, Laser Technician

Kaitlin Jones is extremely passionate about skincare.One of the things that she loves most about her job is educating clients.


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