Versa Spray Booth


Our luxury spray tan booth offers natural-looking results that complement your skin tone in just one visit. our better-than-airbrush Results last up to 10 days, and each session offers voice automated instructions & takes less than 10 minutes. endless customizations and a heated spa like environment make for a spray tan experience that you’ll keep coming back for.


If tanning for a special event or occasion, we recommend scheduling your spray tan a day or two in advance.


We can’t stress this enough. It’s extremely important to start with a fresh, clean layer of skin. Exfoliating will ensure a longer lasting, more even tan. Be sure to avoid oil based products, and focus on exfoliating rough body areas, like your knees and elbows. We also recommend avoiding Dove bar soap prior to tanning as it can leave a residue that prevents even application.


We recommend shaving or waxing at least 24-48 hours prior to getting your custom airbrush tan. Shaving/waxing opens your pores, which we want closed before applying spray tan solution. Shaving or waxing too close to your tan can result in a “blotchy” or “spotty” pore look.


You will be safe to dress immediately after your spray tan. It is recommended that you wear loose-fitting clothing to prevent rubbing, streaking, and uneven wear until after your first shower.


The longer you can wait to rinse off, the better your spray tan will develop. We recommend waiting 8-12 hrs before showering or getting wet for the best color. Sweating can also cause streaking in your initial bronze, so avoid the gym and other strenuous activity until after your first shower.


Hydrated skin will hold a spray tan longer. Moisturize twice daily with an alcohol free lotion. Lotions containing a small amount of DHA will help extend your tan an additional 3-5 days.


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